Welcome to Airtable Wiz!🎉

Welcome to Airtable Wiz!🎉

Heyyy Wizard,

First things first, Welcome to Airtable Wiz!🎉
I'm both humbled and excited to have you on board.💜
*For old-timers from #5Weeks and BIP+No-Code newsletters, I welcome you to our new home. Appreciate your support throughout my maker journey!🤗

An introduction to Airtable Wiz.

It's a blog + newsletter combo that showcases the use-cases of using the Airtable-Stack to build multiple businesses.

Airtable-Stack? What is that?

It is a combination of a no-code stack with Airtable-related apps like Pory.ioStencilZapierMake, and loads more, with Airtable as the main source.

What will I get from Airtable Wiz?

For starters, here’s what you will get:
  • Bite-sized Weekly Newsletter every Friday
  • Articles like use-case, reviews, etc on a bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • And more… to be announced.

What are the use-case examples?

For the first batch, I will share how I built my community & membership portal, a curated directory page, and fun build, like social image of quotes from famous people using the Airtable-Stack.

I want to know more. Where can I get it?

No worries. I'll write a longer version on the Airtable-Stack, and will publish it on the Airtable Wiz website.
I will also share it in the newsletter.
Or you can just reply to this email, and we'll chat.😉

Lastly, some backstory.

Airtable Wiz went through a lot of iterations.
The initial idea was a learning portal with video guides, directories, members-only portal, and whatnot. Everything in one. High-level stuff.
Then... imposter syndrome, and a burnout happened.
I stopped working on it, and did some reflections.
Then I made the decision to start all over again from scratch, and work on just the basics first. And will grow it as I go along.
So, for now, it is now a blog site, and a newsletter. Yay!🥳

As promised, here's the free guide:

Alritey then. This is long enough as a welcome email. Hope you like it.😊
Let’s do this!🚀