Issue #6

May 17, 2023
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Heyy Wizards,

Welcome to another issue of Airtable Wiz.
I’ve been away from the public for quite a while, working on stuff in the background.
Some of us called it #buildinprivate.😆
I’m still working on the new format. But I’d prefer to keep it minimal and simple.😉
Let’s GO!🚀

In this issue:

  • 🏝 Back from the needed “break”
  • 📧 New welcome email sequence for new subscribers
  • 🐝 What else is happening?
  • 👓 ICYMI (In case you missed it)

🏝 Back from the needed “break”

It was Ramadan, and then Eid, which is quite big here in Malaysia. Even for non-Muslims because of the great food we consumed during these times.😆
I didn’t actually stop working for the whole month and a half. I still did my work, maybe 4-hour’ish a week?
I've been working on a client project, now completed. As well as Airtable Wiz (read below).
Everything seems to be slowing down, even before the break. Didn’t want to disrupt the momentum, so I went ahead with Q2 plans. Not that I regretted it though.
Anyway, Q2 is still on. Hence, the plan to relaunch Airtable Wiz (again) to the masses.
Why the relaunch?
I’m releasing "Season 1: Airtable Stack Use Cases" for free to all subscribers, new and old (see below).
Do take note, these use-cases are already on the website. I’m just repurposing it for new subscribers who might have missed the previous emails.
Here's a screenshot I took from Loops.so’s dashboard.
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Having said that, I’m going to start collecting new use cases for “Season 2” from you guys. And repurposing my client work as well. Best is to subscribe if you haven’t.

📧 New welcome email sequence for new subscribers

I have also created a new welcome email that incorporates the use-cases from “Season 1” specifically tailored for our new members.
With this in place, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t have to keep on referring to previous emails for new members, and I’m very sure, not many will. As readers, our attention span is quite limited.
That’s why I made it a seasonal thing. I want everyone to have the chance to read them all. No more missing old issues.
If you’ve subscribed, and curious to see the new email sequence, you can resubscribe by filling out this form which replaces the old ones on the main website.

🐝 What else is happening?

Currently, I'm not taking new client projects that relate to Airtable. Instead, I'm helping a friend prepare for a big tender and seed funding.
I wanted to share some of our moments in the office, but decided not to. It doesn’t feel right. Maybe in due time.
What I can say is the startup “specializes in customizing, developing and deploying vision AI systems”. Their clients at the moment are from the oil and gas industry.
I'll work on Q2 and the beginning of Q3 for the startup and keep writing for Airtable Wiz in my spare time.
But feel free to contact me with any queries or for a quick chat.🤙🏼😄


The last issue (#5) was the last long-form use-case write-up.
In its replacement, I’ll start sharing tips & tricks and Airtable-related news on the next issue onwards.
I made the decision because the long-form is taking a lot of time to complete due to its build nature. It is after all, real-life use-cases.😉
I promise to be more prepared for the next season. Stay tuned for that.


That’s it! Issue #6 is now out!

Until the next one,
Cheers, Leif🌾 Founder of Airtable Wiz & No Code Asia

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